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The Winter Boy by Sally Wiener Grotta
Reminiscent of Margaret Atwood, Mary Doria Russell and Ursula K. LeGuin, The Winter Boy" is masterful storytelling that explores important political, wrapped up in masterful storytelling.

The Valley of the Alleshi is the center of all civilization, the core and foundation of centuries of peace. A cloistered society of widows, the Alleshi, has forged a peace by mentoring young men who will one day become the leaders of the land. Each boy is paired with a single Allesha for a season of intimacy and learning, using time-honored methods that include storytelling, reason and sex. However, unknown to all but a hidden few, the peace is fracturing from pressures within and beyond, hacking at the very essence of their civilization.

Amidst this gathering political maelstrom, Rishana, a young new idealistic Allesha, takes her First Boy, Ryl, for a winter season of training. But Ryl is a “problem boy,” who fights Rishana every step of the way. At the same time, Rishana uncovers a web of conspiracies that could not only destroy Ryl, but threaten to tear their entire society apart. And a winter that should have been a gentle, quiet season becomes one of conflict, anger and danger.

Jo Joe, a Black Bear, Pennsylvania novel by Sally Wiener Grotta
Jo Joe is a mystery of the heart about Judith Ormond, a young mixed race Jewish woman. Twenty years earlier, violence and hatred had driven her away from the small Pocono Mountains village where she was raised by her white Christian grandparents. Now, she must break her vow to never return. During the one week visit, she’s forced to deal with her first love who cruelly broke her heart, is menaced by an old enemy who threatens new brutalities, and finds more questions than answers about the bigotry that had scarred her childhood. But with her discovery of a long-buried secret that her grandmother had kept from her, Judith has to reconcile with the nature of her own prejudices and the scars that she had caused.

Seven From Haven by Daniel Grotta
Set in a small Pennsylvania mountain village, where strange and wondrous things happen, Seven from Haven are quirky, fantastical short stories which prove what they say about this town: ”Haven takes care of its own.”

Honor, a Black Bear, Pennsylvania novella by Daniel Grotta
What is it to be honorable? In the eyes of others? In your own heart? Is it what you've done or who you are? Honor explores the human cost when patriotism, personal ethics and the deep bond of friendship collide.

The Broken Bottle by Sally Wiener Grotta
In this short story, a suburban wife's perceptions of life and self-awareness are irreparably altered when she witnesses a brief but vivid moment of violence in downtown Chinatown. (Originally published in The North Atlantic Review.)


Daniel Grotta & Sally Wiener Grotta have written many hundreds of features, columns, reviews and other articles. In addition, they have authored eight books together, and Daniel wrote the first biography of J.R.R. Tolkien.

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J.R.R. Tolkien: Architect of Middle Earth by Daniel Grotta
Daniel wrote the first biography of J.R.R. Tolkien. Originally called, "J.R.R. Tolkien: Architect of Middle Earth", it was was initially published in trade paperback (Running Press), then mass paperback (Warner Books) and finally in hard cover (Grosset & Dunlap). It has been in continuous publication for over a quarter century (under a variety of titles), has been translated into numerous languages around the world, and once had the singular distinction of being the most stolen book out of libraries. (Hence, a special hard cover library edition was released a few years ago).

Books on Digital Photography

As a photographer, Sally became fascinated by the potential of digital cameras from almost the very beginning (starting in 1991). She no longer shoots with her film-based Leicas and Haselblads, using only digital for all her art. Along the way, she and Daniel have tested and reviewed nearly every digital camera on the market, presented scores of seminars, and written various books on the subject. But, as Sally often says, "Digital photography is photography, pure and simple... the play of light and color on the imagination. The digital aspect of it is the tool we use to create our art and capture our memories. It's like a car -- understanding the mechanics isn't what gets you where you want to go."

Daniel and Sally's books on digital photography are popular for the depth of their knowledge, clarity of insight and great accessibility. They have been frequently praised for making digital photography easy to understand and fun.

Daniel and Sally's books on photography (all illustrated by Sally) include: