Have Sally Wiener Grotta Customize a Program for You

With her wide-ranging knowledge and experience, and her lively personable style, Sally Wiener Grotta inspires her audiences to tap into their own creativity, to ask themselves questions they may not have considered previously, and to seek new solutions together.

"...your energy, animation and enthusiasm made for a very interesting presentation."
~ William John Heard II, Professor of History (retired) Penn State University

While every program is customized for the needs and interests of each specific group, here are a few examples:

  • Jo Joe Reading & Book Discussion: Explore the themes of Jo Joe, including the two-way street of prejudice, family dynamics and misunderstandings, etc. Sally will also answer questions about how and why she wrote the novel.
  • Living the Creative Life: What does it take to be a creative individual? It’s a synthesis of irrationality, practicality, ingenuity, discipline and hard work. Through Sally's anecdotes, humor and insights, you'll better understand what it is to live the examined life and will be inspired to explore your own creativity.
  • Breaking the Rules of Modern Tribalism: It is so much more comfortable being with your “own kind.” But what are we missing out, as individuals and as a society, when we simply follow the rules of “This is what we do, who we know; those are not”?
  • Reaching Across the Ethnic/Racial Divide: A interactive workshop exploring methods to use when approaching strangers, and how to make connections when walls exist among people.
  • Discovering & Writing Your Story: A lecture or workshop on the nuts and bolts of developing and actually writing the story you’ve always wanted to do.

"An eye opener." "Invigorating." " Stimulating." "It left me wired."
~ Typical audience feedback

Talk with Sally about customizing a program for your school, organization or book club.

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