A Black Bear, Pennsylvania novella by Daniel Grotta

"Incredibly poignant... The characters and the personality of the town are richly drawn.... It is a great tale. I can't wait to read your next installment." – Shawn Newcomer, James V. Brown Library

What is it to be honorable? In the eyes of others? In your own heart? Is it what you've done or who you are?

Jeff Smith was, as his bully of a brother-in-law Gene Engelhardt was fond of retelling, “what the cat dragged in.” A scruffy, bearded hippie Gene’s sister Bonne had met and fallen deeply in love with decades ago at a Washington peace rally against the Vietnam War. Even shaved and doing whatever the Engelhardts wanted, his in-laws never accepted or approved of Jeff. Now, Jeff is saddled with a family, a dead end job, and, after Bonnie died of cancer, a mountain of debt. Only Jeff has a secret and a unique possession that could possibly solve his financial problems and help his daughter realize her dream, if he can ever overcome the guilt and shame that has haunted him for over thirty years.

Honor, a novella by Daniel Grotta, explores the human cost when patriotism, personal ethics and the deep bond of friendship collide. Available as an ebook and paperback. 53 pages.

"Deeply satisfying…. moving and charming. I quite enjoyed it." ~ Michael E. ("Mac") McCarthy

"A superb short story.... I couldn't put it down.... The characters were so well developed and delightful...Mr. Grotta has a way with words, and has formulated something marvelous. I look forward to many more stories." ~ J.S. Rae

"More please! There's nothing better than being stuck in bed and reading a great story.... These are rich characters that jump off the page. I was no longer sick in bed but in another world. Looking forward to more Black Bear stories!" ~ C.O. Moed

54 Pages
ISBN: 1470139081
Paperback $5.95
eBook $1.39

About Black Bear, Pennsylvania

Honor is the first in a series of stories and books from Pixel Hall Press, set in Black Bear, Pennsylvania. Black Bear is a fictional village in the Poconos Mountains created as a literary folie à deux by Daniel Grotta and his wife Sally Wiener Grotta. Both Daniel and Sally are dipping into the same pool of invented locale and characters to write a series of separate stories and novels that will, eventually, paint a full picture of the diversity of life and relationships in a small mountain village. The next Black Bear story will be a full length novel Jo Joe, by Sally Wiener Grotta.