Team Grotta

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~ Thank you, Sally Wiener Grotta

Daniel Grotta and Sally Wiener Grotta are a husband/wife writing team. For most of their non-fiction output they share responsibilities and bylines. However, when they write short stories and novels, they work separately. In addition, Sally does all the photography (though Daniel, a former photojournalist, is a great assistant).

The name "Team Grotta" was given to them by an editor, who would say, "Let's go to Team Grotta," whenever he needed an intriguing, but difficult assignment done. It was a nickname that stuck, because Daniel and Sally are team players who have the well-earned reputation of going the extra mile to research and write great copy, according to specs, in the appropriate style, and delivering well within deadlines.

Together, they have written over a thousand feature stories, reviews and columns for major magazines, plus they have co-authored eight non-fiction books. (Please click on Other Works at the top of this page to find out more about some of their previously published work.)

Early in their careers, Daniel and Sally agreed on one basic rule about assignments... to work only with those people who make the job enjoyable and interesting, and where there is mutual respect. That makes it easy for them to put their hearts and energies into any project they accept. That, in a nutshell, is the secret of their success.